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Press Kit


You can contact me as "waz" at this domain. I'm available for everything, from the simplest questions to interviews on the philosophy of roguelikes or chickens.



Version 1.1 added an entire new branch to the dungeon (the Gnomish Mines) and many new items and monsters.

Version 1.2 added 8 new classes and many items and features associated with them (that all other classes use as well, such as finding a Lute).

Version 1.3 added belief systems (religions, etc.), eggs, and more sophisticated food mechanics. A few new items and monsters too of course.

Version 1.3 on all platforms:October 2015
Version 1.2 for Android:April 2014
Version 1.2 for iOS:April 2014
Version 1.2 for Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux):February 2014
Version 1.1 for iOS:May 2013
Version 1.1:March 2013
Version 1.0 for Android:July 2012
Version 1.0 (Windows/Mac):June 2012
First public beta (Windows/Mac):March 2012

About the Author

My name is Warwick Allison and I've been writing computer games for many years, but only in 2011 did I quit my serious software engineering job to make games full time as an indie developer. WazHack is my first significant commercial game.

I have been a member of the NetHack DevTeam, contributing the default tileset and co-authoring the "Wizard Patch" that was integrated into NetHack 3.3. My oldest still-existing game is The Troglodyte (1988).

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my wife and children. Our pets are goats and chickens.


It's rather difficult to show WazHack's time-stopping mechanic in a video, since aside from a little animation, it doesn't make "good TV" to just see nothing while the player contemplates their inventory. Nevertheless, this video attempts to show the range of activities the player experiences, with all the thinking edited out:

I watch a lot of the "Let's Play" videos of WazHack on YouTube - they teach me a lot about how people play the game and it's always fun watching the bizarre situations people find themselves in and what they do to survive (or not).


Some screenshots of less-commonly seen parts of the game...

Shattering a frozen ogre
Aquator - just "A" in Rogue
Dual Wielding - stabby-stabby
Gold armor is just silly... and heavy
Items are unknown until you use them
Mmmmm.... meat!
Fort Ludios