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There are three versions - the Steam version, the Web version, and the Mobile version. The games are very similar. The user interface is a little different in each, and the Steam and Web version graphics are a little fancier than the Mobile version.

Steam Version

Web Version

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You can explore the game up to 300 feet, after that you'll need to buy the Web version.

Mobile Versions

Each male/female pair of classes is just $1 in the mobile version, so you can buy just one to take WazHack on-the-go, or go crazy and support development even more by buying the whole lot!

What's new in WazHack 1.2?

This release adds 8 new classes - finally your favourite Roguelike actually has a Rogue class! Click the big yellow arrow on the character selection.

Each new class has brought a new major feature or upgrade to existing features, all of which are relevant to all classes. So while the Bard starts with a Lute, any character could find one (though they are rare of course). The Rogue and Thief similarly use Stealth, which is now much more relevant to how monsters notice you, regardless of what class you are playing. I'll leave you to discover the value of the other classes yourself.

Talents now must be upgraded together more - no more just going straight to level 3 on a single talent. This is to keep balance while allowing talents to be significantly more powerful at levels 2 and 3.

In the Guild Hall you'll find the new Achievements list - a good way to keep track of your deepest journey or for veterans to find a harder challenge or two.

Note that the mobile version is still in beta. The iOS beta is still invite-only, while the Android beta is public.

Just show me a Video!

Check out this quick WazHack gameplay video. The game isn't quite as "hack and slash" as depicted in this action video, since you really need to pay attention (don't just keep whacking away when a goblin with a giant club walks into the room!).

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Waz will fall over his big hairy feet to help you! Check out the Press page for more info.