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Bring up the game menu for saving, quitting, etc.
Show your inventory.
Change your equipment. To dual wield, select two weapons here.
Drop multiple items. List can be sorted by size with the "scales" icon.
Eat food.
Attack the nearest enemy, use your secondary weapon, or fire your bow (equip arrows first).
Pick up items from the ground (or just click nearby).
Quaff a potion. Note, to throw a potion, use the Throw button below.
Read a scroll or a spellbook. If you start with a book, read it!
Use a spell or other special ability.
Throw something. At first the most common items are listed, but the "More" button allows anything to be thrown.
Zap a wand.
Rest for a while. Resting still uses up food, and monsters will find there way to you, so use with caution.
Chat with a creature such as your pet or a shopkeeper.
Confirm the current interaction (mobile only).
Cancel the current interaction (mobile only).
In the compact UI on mobile (good for small screens), the icons available change when you open the Inventory. In dialogs that list items to use, right-clicking will bring up the full list of actions on the item. You can, for example, click the Quaff icon, but then choose Throw from the right-click menu.

Mouse / Touch Controls

Key Controls

Keyboards are supported on both Desktop and Mobile versions (though most mobile devices will require an external bluetooth keyboard for this). In the Options / Controls menu, these buttons can be changed, including to mouse buttons (except mouse button 0). If you use another mouse button for "Pets/People" you can direct the interaction at a specific pet.

Joystick/Gamepad Controls

Controls can be changed in the Options / Controls menu. For example, if you have extra buttons or joystick axes, pressing them down or in a direction can be assigned to Quaff, Read, etc.

By default (in "Auto" Controller Mode in the Controls menu), the UI will switch to be more joystick/gamepad centric if you use the joystick/gamepad, then equivalent to choosing the "Primary" Controller Mode.

If you have a controller plugged in that you don't want to use for WazHack but which causes accidental movements, choose "Disable Controller".

Quick Shortcuts

You can configure up to 10 shortcuts that invoke a spell or ability, or an action (such as Throw or Fetch) with a set of items or pets. By default, these are bound to the main 0 to 9 keys (not the keypad). This is an advanced feature for players who wish to optimize their play.