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You can invite friends to play the same random dungeon, helping each other and sharing the experience, or competing to see who does best with the same resources.

If you are playing at the same time, you can also see where other players are via an avatar icon, trade with them, and even revive them.

Note that you do not exist in each other's dungeon, but rather you are exploring the same dungeon.


The name and icon that is used for your character is your Steam player name and your profile icon.

Not available on mobile.

One person starts a game from the Multiplayer menu. Shortly afterwards, the other players choose that game from their Multiplayer menu (press Refresh if it is not there yet). They will then get to choose their class before entering into the shared dungeon.

While playing, a network connection is established to show the avatars for all other players and to allow chat and loot trading (only in co-op games).

This is optional, you can turn it off by disconnecting in the Networking menu in the left-hand menu. The same menu can be used to reconnect if a player leaves and comes back. Players do not have to play at the same time at all, but it is a fun way to share the experience in "real time" (using a voice-chat program or being in the same room also adds to the fun!).

If you have problems establishing a connection, you may need to try the Advanced Network configuration which is available in the Networking option in the menu while playing. You may need to add firewall exceptions if you are using a router with a firewall. The game does do NAT traversal, but your networking infrastructure may defeat that.


If a player dies in co-op multiplayer, they can either disconnect and give up, or wait for one of their fellow players to revive them. To revive a fallen player, pass them a healing potion of some kind through the normal Trade mechanism (which will instead say "Save!" and you can only pass one-way). Note that while a fellow player is dying, all other players will receive periodic damage a bit like being strangled!

Text Chatting

You can text-chat with another player by using the same 'Chat' button you would use for talking to your pet. A menu will appear if more than one chat target is available.


In co-op games, you can trade with another player by moving close to them and using the 'Chat' button. You may then offer each other items. When one player presses "Trade!", the other player's button will pulse indicating that they too should now accept the offer (or not).

You can use the text-chat during trading too. On smaller displays the chat display is toggled with a "Chat" button (covering the trade display).

Note that in Co-op mode, identify scrolls never reveal all items, so there is no reason to pour your entire inventory back and forth before reading every such scroll. Balancing this, discoveries by each player are shared with their co-op partners.

Game Similarity

Since players will each do different things, they will experience some differences. The things that are shared are:

Everything else is individual to players.

One thing you may notice is that the spellbooks you discover are biased towards your character's alignment (let's just say it's... well... magic). So a Lawful Good White Witch will more likely find Light spellbooks while a Chaotic Evil Sorceress will find Death spellbooks. The biases are:

Lawful GoodMore light than dark
Chaotic GoodMore life than death
Lawful EvilMore dark than light
Chaotic EvilMore death than life